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Product description

Forklift mover for two drums that can be installed on the forks of the forklift for gripping metal, plastic and cardboard drums on the upper edge.

If you need to move drums with the upper edge, the BS85 forklift is the best solution in the world in terms of clamping speed, transport safety and durability.

The shape of its profile and grips has been perfected on the basis of 30 years of experience, resulting in an ultra fast and super-safe drum clamping even on uneven terrain, which is why it is particularly appreciated in ports, intermodal hubs and storage areas of large companies.

Moreover, the anti-wear (carbonitriding) and anti-corrosion (galvanising + painting) treatments of every detail make it practically indestructible. For this reason VEAB also supplies 10 YEARS of WARRANTY with the forklift mover.

The drum is automatically lifted, transported and emptied without the operator having to leave the forklift.

Another important feature of the BS85 forklift drum mover is that it can lay the drums next to each other, attached without cavities.

  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel.
  • Tailored solutions - Custom design for your needs.
  • Reliable experience - Over 30 years of successes.
  • ATEX certification - Possibility to ATEX conversion.
  • Customer support - Immediate answers and solutions.

Technical specifications

Model BS85 HQ BI
Application Forklift's forks
Drum clamping At the top edge
No. of drums moved 2
Capacity 2000 kg
Centre of gravity 1320 mm
Weight 120 kg
Length 1100 mm
Width 1030 mm
Height 850 mm
Gripping range D 300/700 mm
Warranty (years) 10

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