Product description

BS120 SL RB is a trolley with electric lift equipped with an roll turner capable of handling a wide variety of roll/coil with a maximum weight of 50 kg;  the lifting and lowering by means of an electric motor (push-button operated) allows significant heights to be reached in a short time and without any effort on the part of the operator.

The single column at the centre of the trolley offers a good view from all angles and makes it extremely manoeuvrable; it also allows, in the stainless steel version, high quality finishes that can be easily cleaned even with aggressive products.

The roll is hooked through its central hole, thanks to the expansion pin; the taken and released are manually, by means of a handwheel.

The rotation of the roll takes place manually, after unlocking the rotation arm by pulling a pin.

  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel.
  • Tailored solutions - Custom design for your needs.
  • Reliable experience - Over 30 years of successes.
  • ATEX certification - Possibility to ATEX conversion.
  • Customer support - Immediate answers and solutions.

Technical specifications

Model BS120 SL RB
Capacity 50 kg
Drive Manual traction
Grip Manual by handwheel
Lifting Push-button operated
Max. lifting height 270/1800 mm

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