Product description

With its telescopic central column, BS120 ET is a drum tilter with considerable strengths such as: ergonomics, reliability and durability, safety in use and cleaning.

Equipped with an efficient frontal drum tilter, this is the ideal product if you have to move drums with a fast electric trolley with small footprints.

ERGONOMICS: the single column placed at the centre of the trolley and the clamping and lifting buttons placed on the helm make it an extremely handy trolley, with a good view from all the manoeuvring points.

RELIABILITY: the 260 A/h battery (with built-in 24 V-30 A/h HF battery charger for easy recharging from 230 V power outlets) and the 1.4 kW AC traction and 2,2 kW AC lifting motors (alternating current) are the strong points that make the BS120 a very reliable trolley that requires very little maintenance, great autonomy and very fast movement execution. A feature not to be forgotten is also the possibility to customize all the trolley speeds: transfer, clamping, lifting, rotation.

SAFETY: VEAB trolleys, thanks to the numerous accident prevention systems with which they are equipped, are perfectly in line with the increasingly demanding regulations in terms of operator safety.

Accidental rotation lock, to prevent the rotation of the drum when it is less than 300 mm high.

Accidental drum opening lock, at a height of more than 300 mm from the ground, the clamp is opened by simultaneously pressing the opening button and the key selector.

Blocking valves to prevent the drum from falling if the hydraulic hoses are cut.

Maximum pressure valve for correct tightening of the drum.

"Low speed" function for safe manoeuvring in narrow spaces.

System that prevents accidental start of travel, detects the minimum angle of tilting (on request also the maximum angle) of the helm with respect to the vertical allowing the operation only with the operator in a suitable driving position.

Operator anti-crushing system integrated into the helm head to prevent operator crushing regardless of position and build.

Double lifting chain.

Fuse for electrical voltage overloads.

Emergency button (battery disconnect) in a simple position to operate.

Warning buzzer when reversing.

Safety guards.

CLEANING: the cover of the trolley, completely built in stainless steel (AISI 304) with edging, perfectly protects it from water splashes and dust intrusion, as well as making it easy to clean even with aggressive products.

  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel.
  • Tailored solutions - Custom design for your needs.
  • Reliable experience - Over 30 years of successes.
  • ATEX certification - Possibility to ATEX conversion.
  • Customer support - Immediate answers and solutions.

Technical specifications

Model BS120 ET DVI
Tilter Frontal, hydraulic
Capacity 200 / 1000 kg
Plate Fem 2B
Weight with battery 1600 kg
Driving Helm
Grip Button placed on the helm
Lifting Button placed on the helm
Rotation Button placed on the dashboard
Battery 24V 260 A/h
Battery charger Internal HF 24V 30A/h
Drive motor 1,4 kW AC
Lifting motor 2.5 kW DC
Electronic Zapi
Travel speed 4 km/h
Travel speed 5 km/h
Lifting speed 0.14 m/s
Drum rotation speed 4 rpm
Length 1300 mm
Width 850 mm
Height 2000 mm
Max. lifting height 3000 mm
Turning radius 1460 mm
Gripping range D 300/600 mm
Height of gripping jaws 400 mm
Max working pressure 140 bar
Warranty (years) 2

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