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Product description

Manual clamp for handling metal and plastic drums to be installed on the chain of a hoist.

If you need to handle metal or plastic drums (full or empty, open or closed) by means of a bridge crane, a bogie crane or a hoist, BS101 MF is the right equipment; if it is equipped with the hook for transport BS99 you can also use it with the forks of the forklift.

It is made up in highly resistant carbon steel for a safe and fast gripping. 

The hooking and release of the drum are manually performed by the operator by moving the clip locking lever. Thus the operator should be close to the drum for handling.

  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel.
  • Tailored solutions - Custom design for your needs.
  • Reliable experience - Over 30 years of successes.
  • ATEX certification - Possibility to ATEX conversion.
  • Customer support - Immediate answers and solutions.

Technical specifications

Model BS101 MF
Application Hoist
Drum clamping At the top edge
No. of drums moved 1
Capacity 300 kg
Weight 20 kg
Grip Meccanica (manuale)
Warranty (years) 3

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