Product description

The BS91 DV drum tilter trolley equipped with a manual frontal drum tilter is the ideal product if a small quantity of drums (up to a maximum weight of 300 kg) with different diameters and types, such as iron, plastic and cardboard drums, must be moved and rotated in complete safety. With the help of appropriate accessories we are also able to handle drums that are not cylindrical or objects with special shapes. 

The drum is gripped by 400 mm high clamping jaws, completely covered with interchangeable rubber and locked with a sturdy clamping handwheel; continuous 360° frontal rotation is achieved by manually actuating the handwheel, which can engage a chain to make it easier for the operator to empty the drums at height.

A special feature of all VEAB manual tilting trolleys, which is uncommon and should not be underestimated from a safety point of view, is that they keep the drum stable in the emptying position once rotated.

  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel.
  • Tailored solutions - Custom design for your needs.
  • Reliable experience - Over 30 years of successes.
  • ATEX certification - Possibility to ATEX conversion.
  • Customer support - Immediate answers and solutions.

Technical specifications

Model BS91 DV
Tilter Frontal, manual
Capacity 500 kg
Weight 320 Kg
Drive Manual traction
Grip Manual by handwheel
Lifting Manual with lever pump
Rotation Manual by handwheel
Length 1270 mm
Width 1150 mm
Height 2000 mm
Max. lifting height 1500/3500 mm
Turning radius 1070 mm
Gripping range D 300/600 mm
Height of gripping jaws 400 mm
Warranty (years) 3

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